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Robert Half

  • Category Experience Design
  • Role Manager, Experience Design
  • Start Date 6/2021
  • End Date Present
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Internal Colleague Experiences

Helping our designers to have a collaborative and engaging environment that fosters creativity, transparency and the space to thrive. I have enjoyed fostering meaningful and long-term partnerships with our teams and stakeholders to find the best solutions for our users and business needs.

My main focus area was our internal colleague design experiences while supporting the growth and happiness of our incredible designers. With the start of 2024, I am now a Design Strategist with a focus on enterprise solutions.

    • Partnering with stakeholders and internal teams with a focus on sifting through ambiguity to help to identify core insights to solve complex business and design challenges that inform speed-to-market solutions. The outcomes will help craft a core foundation of workshops, integrated products, user-centric methodologies that will ensure touch points across the ecosystem are stitched together for cohesive experiences.

  • + Started as a Lead Product Designer & promoted to Manager, Experience Design then to Design Strategist
  • + Helped develop the growth of the team & culture with an improvement of 80% within the first 6 months
  • + Workshop creation & facilitation
  • + Setting up successful team processes for how we work, retros, team building, crit & fostering collaboration
  • + Planning
  • + Timelines
  • + Managing a design team responsible for the UX of over 200+ internal sites for our intranet
  • + Web Redesign & UAT
  • + JTBD training & implementation into projects
  • + Budgeting
  • + Team growth
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Robert Half Redesign

Part of numerous teams and collaborators that worked on launching a complete redesign of Robert Half website along with our authenticated product page experiences.

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