UX/UI Design


Project details


Spring Accelerator

Senior UX Designer

Leah King


UX/UI Design

Scope of Work

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Ideation Session
  • Daily Stand Up
  • Whiteboard Flow Session
  • Site IA
  • One Page Sketch Session
  • Wireframe
  • Low Fidelity Prototype
  • Handoff to Visual Design
The Ask

The SPRING Accelerator was designed to scale social enterprises that improved the lives of adolescent girls in the developing world. While the program officially wrapped up in 2019, the human centered design curriculum (HCD) is a finely-tuned tool that deserves a life beyond. The ask was to create this curriculum as a one page website for anyone to access. After 5 years in the field, working side-by-side with 75 businesses across East Africa and South Asia, we’ve seen clear evidence of the curriculum’s power. By releasing it to the public, we hope to extend its impact and bootcamps for others to use.

The Process

We were a team of a product manager, a strategist, UX designer and a visual designer. We developed a site IA, wireframes, conducted stakeholder interviews and final deliverable of a live website. We did user testing and iterations of the final deliverable. As the lead UX designer on the project, I worked with the strategist to brainstorm the site flow and content to create the wireframes. We presented to the client and conducted stakeholder interviews to validate. Once there was sign off, I helped onboard a visual designer to create the high fidelity version of the site design.

The Results

We were able to deliver the website on time with a few iterations based on usability feedback and content flow adjustments. The site is now live and starting to get positive feedback for sharing the curriculum with the public. Anyone can access the site to read through the process and download the tool kits needed to run their own bootcamps.


Final Spring Curriculum Site

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