UX/UI Design

Sam’s Club

Project details

Responsive Web Design

Sam's Club

Senior Experience Designer

Leah King


UX/UI Design

Scope of Work

  • Responsive Design
  • Education
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive SME
  • Production Design
  • Design System & Patterns
  • Sessions With Walmart
  • Developer Stand Ups
  • UX & UI
Business Need

Sam’s Club needed to redesign their site on a responsive platform that was used and successfully launched by Walmart. In order to transition Sam’s Club to this platform, they were in need of ramping up their staff with XD Design Responsive SMEs that had responsive eComm experience. I was selected based on my responsive design work at Gap. They needed to have someone onboard for a minimum of 6-months to help with staff augmentation and also while the Director of XD was on leave.

Solution Overview

I was staffed as a hybrid  between UX & UI to work with a Principal at Sam’s Club to help strategize, plan and implement designs for launching a responsive site. This included leading meetings with stakeholders, senior creative & content staff and lead engineers. The approach was in sprints to achieve goals and deadlines for each section of the site. This included usability testing, persona development, prototyping, brainstorming, developing a design system and collaboration with all business units.


Partnering with the lead researcher together we audited interviews, made hypothesis, conducted testing and complied a full study report on 4 user types at Sam’s Club.


  • The office manager buying supplies for the office.
  • A busy parent needing to buy household goods.
  • The first time visitor to the store or online.
  • A restaurant manager.

Design System

In order for Sam’s Club to go responsive based on the backend platform that Walmart had developed, we first needed to create a design system for the 4 different breakpoints that addressed type sizes, iconography, eCommerce styling, card, images, CTAs and other interactions. Developing this first laid the groundwork for the staff of 11 designers to move forward with consistent look & feel for the site.

Responsive Design

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