UX/UI Design


Project details

Security Gamification


Creative Director

Leah King


UX/UI Design

Scope of Work

The Ask

Salesforce requested a proof of concept dashboard prototype for a gamification desktop solve for all employees to interact with. The purpose of the gamification was to educate the health of each employees security access levels in a gaming environment. There would be peer-to-peer interactions, rewards and education tools in the dashboard.


The main direction was to have the user visually recognize if they were doing well with their score or trending in a risk direction.

The Process

My role wast that I was brought in as a creative director to meet with the stakeholders, gather requirements, research, brainstorm and collaborate for an IA. Through this process I was asked to develop comps to review and refine with the client. The project was for two weeks from conception to deliverable.


The tools used were illustrator, sketch and keynote.

The Results

I first established best practices for gamification in an enterprise environment:

  • Employees need curated content and self-expression options.
  • They like to collect and connect with other employees.
  • There needs to be a sense achievement along with surprise/delight.
  • It should include feedback loops and reciprocity.

After the guidelines were approved, the client selected a final proof of concept that was then extended into a prototype and presentation. The client then took the work to their leadership to get funding for their initiative.

Round 1 Concepts

Iteration Round

Final Design Round

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