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For two and a half years, I was staffed solely on a project that is under a strict NDA, regretfully, I am unable to disclose designs for the project. The breadth of work on this project stretches across numerous digital end-to-end touch points within a global design system. I have written out below the individual tracks of work. I have placed visual references within the sections that do not break the NDA. As a designer working in consulting and agency environments one can work on various projects that have proprietary and/or legal implications for sharing any of the work. The projects I worked on are worth sharing at such a high-level to showcase the substantial experience and scope of work.

The Ask

A global company that was preparing to do a global product release needed an MVP responsive marketing website. The close collaboration with the client team lead to a significant volume of UX, Product and Digital Design that is listed out below.

My Role

I was the lead user experience designer that worked on workshops, presentations, research, strategy, eComm, social, responsive web, apps, retail experiences, employee platforms, country specific projects and testing.

The Team

The team consisted of our Digital Director, VP of Product, Lead Strategist, UX & UI Designers, Motion Designers and participated in augmented staffing with clients in Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Italy and more.

Delivery Recap

Screens Delivered
Concept Screens Delivered
Directed Motion Studies
Strategic Presentations & Workshops

Scope of Work

  1. Marketing Site MVP
  2. Marketing Site V1, V1.1, V1.2
  3. Marketing Site V1.5 UK  & Japan
  4. Marketing Site 2.0 Global
  5. Age & Country Gate Regulations
  6. Right-to-Left Redesign Hebrew & Arabic
  7. Website Global Launch (Poland, Switzerland, UK, Japan, Korea, Germany, Serbia)
  8. Marketing Campaigns eComm
  9. Marketing Banners
  10. Arts Program Micro-sites
  11. Seeding Sites
  12. eComm
  13. Account Creation & Management
  14. Customer Service
  15. Device Repair Program
  16. Refer a Friend
  17. Try Program
  18. Storytelling
  19. Workshops
  20. Trend Forecasting
  21. Presentations
  22. Omni-Channel Sessions
  23. Research & Strategy
  1. Site IAs
  2. User Journey Mapping
  3. Empathy Maps
  4. App Flows
  5. Testing
  6. Workshops
  7. Trend Forecasting
  8. Presentations
  9. Omni-Channel Sessions
  10. Research & Strategy
  11. Account Creation & Management
  12. Customer Care
  13. Device Repair Program
  14. Try Program
  15. Retail Experience & Flagship Innovation
  16. Employee Apps & Backend Systems
  17. Social Design System
  18. Global Modules and Design System
  19. Email Design System
  20. Instagram BTC – CTB Verification
  21. Retail Experience & Flagship Innovation
  22. Product Road Mapping
  23. Iteration
  24. Global Launch Timeline
  25. Agile Methodology
  1. App MVP
  2. Education App
  3. Staff Community App V.1
  4. Staff Community App V.2
  5. Staff Community App Right-To-Left
  6. Product Pairing App
  7. Employee App
  8. Customer Care App
  9. Configurator App
  10. Consumer Social App
  11. Workshops
  12. Trend Forecasting
  13. Presentations
  14. Omni-Channel Sessions
  15. Research & Strategy
  1. Retail Kiosk Configurator MVP
  2. Retail Kiosk Configurator V1
  3. Retail Kiosk Configurator V2
  4. Retail Kiosk Configurator Korea & Germany
  5. Workshops
  6. Trend Forecasting
  7. Presentations
  8. Omni-Channel Sessions
  9. Research & Strategy
  10. Account Creation & Management
  11. Customer Care
  12. Device Repair Program
  13. Try Program
  14. Retail Experience & Flagship Innovation

Work Examples

Due to the NDA and proprietary designs, this is a sample of the work completed. I am unable to show more than this but I am happy to discuss the process and experiences on the various projects.

3-Months in Tokyo

I had a unique opportunity to be staffed for the client to help their Tokyo office redesign their website.

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