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Interested in working together? I am available to help with many different areas as listed below. If you’d like to pitch something else, just reach out and we can chat! I look forward to hearing from you.

Coaching Services


Considering starting a new business, launching a new product or thinking about how to reshape how users experience your organization? Together we can create a plan to evaluate what is working and where opportunities are to help your business and users.

Possible Outputs:
  • Summary Deck
  • Best In Class Evaluation
  • Design Thinking Visioning
  • Data Review
  • Recommendations
  • Road Map & Steps
  • Feasibility & Technical Implications
  • Storytelling & Narrative
  • Blue Sky Brainstorming
  • Workshop

UX/UI Audit

Have an existing site or product that isn’t producing conversions and/or have a high percentage of drop off? Need assistance with an audit of your user experience or creative direction for your brand marketing or visual hierarchy? Together we can create a plan to help you.

Possible Outputs:
  • Summary Deck
  • Best In Class Evaluation
  • Design Thinking Visioning
  • Users Flows
  • Revised Site Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Creative Direction Recommendations

Portfolio Review

Do you have an existing online design portfolio, wanting to redesign yours or need to create one?  Need help in deciding which platform is best for your skillset? Together we can review your site, make advisement on what is working or to improve on.

Possible Outputs:
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Feedback Document
  • Steps & Coaching On How To Create One
  • Best In Class Audit
  • Reading Recommendations

Career Mentoring

Thinking of changing careers/finding your dream job? Want to be a design leader? Need help navigating a new job? Have an upcoming interview? Studying design or need a tutor? Need someone just to listen? Reach out & lets see how we can work together!

Possible Outputs:
  • Virtual Weekly Sessions
  • Feedback Document
  • Reading Recommendations
  • Networking Recommendations

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I offer a flat rate of $50 per hour for all services listed above.