My Journey

Career Path

Band Design

I started my design journey working on posters, flyers, CDs and records for various bands out of Brooklyn and Silverlake. Working with musicians was epic as a designer with being able to use photography and typography to tell the story of their music through visuals was very rewarding.

Magazine Design

At Dwell, I was able to design partner ads for Heath, Dwell on Design, GE, Marvin Windows and more. I helped with the creation of the digital replica of the magazine and saw it through as it transformed to be viewed on the iPad, Nook and Kindle. I also shepherd and gave creative color direction of the images, worked on editorial pages that had such iconic designers and their designs, architects and their creations, and the photographers who shot them, gave me a unique design opportunity to see to the beauty and style produced in each issue of Dwell.

User Experience Design

Working on the transformation of print into the digital world and enhancing the user experience at Dwell gave me a taste of the possibilities with innovation and technology. This led me to Slalom where I was the Senior UX Visual Designer. At Slalom, I was able to work with clients such as Flextronics, VmWare, Stanford School of Medicine, PG&E, Salesforce, Sephora, Genetech, Sam’s Club, McKesson, Kaiser Permanente, and Gap Inc. These clients allowed for me to work on mobile, product, eComm, responsive web, kiosks, branding, data visualization, gamification, apps and Intranets. Working from concepts to wireframes to prototypes to testing to iteration to deliverables. I was able to develop system libraries, lead education sessions on responsive design and run presentations plus workshops to governance boards. In addition, mentoring junior designers to help them on their own career journeys. Yet, as a future-forward designer…I knew there was more on my journey…

XD In An ID World

At fuseproject as an experience designer, I am able to step outside the screen and think about design in an environment or as a companion to a product. Being a designer in a future-forward environment like this is thrilling! My most recent projects were with Kodak and Samsung.

XD + Strategy | Salesforce

Working as part of the Experience Design Studio to create innovative experiences for communities and custom business solutions built on Salesforce Community Cloud. As a design leader, I work closely with clients and project teams to understand the solution vision that clients are trying to achieve and develop contemporary designs to bring those visions to life.